Welcome To YÙ1976

Welcome to my wonderful world of candles. This is where all my journey started as a certified candle maker and I am super excited to share my experience and passion with you and I hope our unique blend of aroma and scented candles will rejuvenate your senses and create beautiful everlasting moments each time you lit up our candles.

  • Calmness and peace is the cradle of power to wellness. This is a soft intrigued scent combination.

    BE CALM no°38 
  • This woody selection of summer blend, immediately recognizable and universally appealing.

    FIGUIER no°17 
  • Spectacular beauty of Japanese fir trees that surround the mountain terrain.

    ハリモミ HARIMOMI no°24 
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Our ingredients 100% fully imported natural plant-based soy wax from USA

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