The Differences Between Room & Linen Spray and Room Spray.

The Differences Between Room & Linen Spray and Room Spray.

Due to the recent pandemic, we tend to spend more time staying at home either working or just, staying at home. Without us knowing, we tend to spend a decent amount of time just by enjoying the comfort of our own home. In turn, we find different ways to set the perfect ambient using scented candles or by just using a room spray or Room Linen Spray just to set the right mood or tone on different occasions just to make our home more fragrant. Wait a minute,. Aren't they the same?

The short answer to this is ‘’No’’. Although some users interchange them or think of them as alike, but really, they're not. Considering them as a scented fragrant, but there’s a major different within both.

So, what is a room spray?

Room spray is the most familiar product that we all know about. It’s a refresher that we can just by simply spray out into the air and fills the room with a hint of scents. It is partly where this room spray is commonly used in bathrooms, hallway and living room. This room spray can be easily found in supermarket and most department stores. Most of this room spray has a powerful scents that can eliminate odors in no time. Some even provide disinfecting agents making sure that the area is clean and virus free which is commonly used nowadays. One of the cons is this room spray are not suitable for direct contact on the skin and might be harmful when overly used and even trigger certain allergies.

How about Room & Linen spray?

A linen spray is another form of way to freshen up our living room and bedroom. It is commonly use on linens, sofas, bedsheets, curtains, laundry and fabrics. This format of room linen spray is not easily accessible to some although there are still company and artisan producing it in numbers, yet this type of linen spray is more expensive than a regular room spray due to its production cost and the use raw natural ingredients and essential oil. This is due to several factors why it is produced this way. Take for an example, our BE CALM no°38 series has a unique scent which not just lavender, it infuses with a citrusy keynote just to add a little boost to our immune senses together with a soft and gentle scent.

So, to say, room and linen spray is more organic and more organized with self function and purposes used differently. Some even has antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria that creates heavy and unpleasant odors. By comparing both, room and linen spray is safer because of it’s naturally based ingredient used, safe for the environment, can be direct contact on skin and its multipurpose usage especially towards linen.